DIY 3D Paper Snowflakes

December 13, 2013

Simple, easy to do paper snowflakes.  You can make this 6 wing snowflakes and use it to decorate your Christmas tree or hang it on the window.



  • paper
  • scissors
  • thread
  • double-sided tape or glue

Step 1 : Cut 6 squares of equal size.


Step 2 : Take one square...


Step 3 : Fold your square diagonally in half.


Step 4 : Then in half again.


Step 4 :   Cut 3 slits from the open side. Do not cut all the way across.  Leave about 1cm.


Step 5 :  When you open it up,  it should look like this.


Notice the number I have written.  Each number will be taped to it's opposing side.  The odd numbers will be facing one side and the even numbers will be facing the other side.


Step 6 :  Use double sided tape and tape side #1 with its opposing side.


Step 7 :  Tape #3 together.


Step 8 :  Tape #2, then #4 on the other side.


Step 9 :  Similarly for the remaining 5 squares, cut and tape to make the other 5 wings.


Step 10 :  Glue the sides together to form the snowflkes.


Step 11 :  Use ribbon or thread to hang on Christmas tree or window.

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