Free Patterns for Making Crystal Dangle Earrings with Basic Beading Technique

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Here shows an easy yet stunning beaded dangle earrings pattern, in which you?ll learn the way to make a gorgeous crystal bead ball pendant for your dangle earrings.

Supplies needed in the beaded dangle earrings pattern:


  • 6mm Bicone Crystal Glass Beads
  • 4mm Bicone Crystal Glass Beads
  • Eyepins
  • Earrings Hooks
  • 0.38mm Tiger Tail Wire
  • Wire Cutter Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Side Cutting Pliers


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Step 1: Make two ball pendant with crystal glass beads

1st, cut a 20cm piece of tiger tail wire and prepare 14psc 6mm bicone beads;
2nd, make three connected 4-bead loops at center;
3rd, add one extra 6mm bicone bead per wire, then direct the two wire ends backwards and cross through the 6mm bead at the opposite end;
4th, supply another one 6mm bicone bead per wire, then cross the wire ends through the opposite bead in same way;
5th, weave the excess wire through adjacent beads to get them stuck;

6th, repeat the procedures 1~5 by using 14psc 4mm bicone glass beads.

Step 2: Make one of the glass bead earrings

1st, take the 6mm beaded ball pendant and find a central location to hook the eyepin. Then, make a simple loop at top with 6mm pin;
2nd, string the 4mm beaded ball pendant and two 6mm blue bicone beads onto the other eyepin, make a simple loop at top with 6mm pin;

3rd, hook the two beaded components together;
4rd, open the rest loop of 4mm component and attach the earring hook. Close the loop.

Step 3: Make the other beaded dangle earring

Repeat the two steps above with 4mm and 6mm bicone glass beads.


These crystal dangle earrings are turned out to be surprisingly sparkling at end. In fact, with the help of these beaded dangle earrings patterns and the affordable crystalized glass beads, you can make as many versions as you can.

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