DIY Tutorial How to make a ribbon flower hair clip


  • ribbon
  • tulle (netted fabric)
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • fabric glue (E6000 Quick Hold)
  • felt
  • hair clip
  • gem


  1. Cut 2 strips of ribbon. One long, one short (about half the length of the long strip)
  2. Sew from one end to the other
  3. Pull thread to bunch up ribbon, creating a circle
  4. Sew and do the same for the short strip
  5. Cut 2 rounds of tulle
  6. Layer and glue to secure the flower
  7. Cut a round piece of felt.  Cut 2 small slits and insert the hair clip through
  8. Glue the felt with hair clip attached to the back of the flower


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